07 January 2014

The Good Old Days

While many young men and women were in the service in 1943, those on the home front had some rules to follow to help bring the war to a close. Here are some “Rationing Reminders” excerpts from a December 1943 newspaper:

PROCESSED FOODS - Processed foods rationed under War Ration Book 4 are canned and bottled fruits, most canned and bottled vegetables and vegetable juices, all frozen fruits and vegetables, all dried beans, peas, lentils, etc.

MEATS, FATS AND OILS - Meats, canned milk, fish, fats, most oils and cheeses are now under point rationing.

SUGAR - Coupon No. 29 in War Ration Book 4 is good for five pounds through January 15. Additional rations up to 15 pounds per person for canning may be applied for at any time during the canning season.

AUTOMOBILES - 1941 models driven less than 1,000 miles may now be purchased and used in gainful occupation without application to rationing boards for certificates. New cars costing over $2,500 are unrationed and may be sold to anyone having an unserviceable car at present, regardless of occupation.

GASOLINE - A coupons are good for three gallons; new B and C coupons are worth five gallons each. . . Farmers may now obtain gasoline for their tractors, engines and other non-highway equipment for a period of six months instead of three months, as formerly.

TIRES - Motorists holding only basic rations are not eligible for new or used tires. Drivers with total rationed mileage of more than 120 miles per month but less than 601, may obtain a certificate for a Grade III tire. Only C book holders who drive more than 600 miles a month may obtain certificates for Grade I tires. Owners of recappable tires should have them recapped at once.

SHOES - Stamp 18 in War Ration Book 1 is good indefinitely for one pair of shoes in any store that sells shoes. Stamp 18 is transferable among members of a family living in the same household and related by blood, marriage or adoption.

FUEL OIL - Period 1 coupons, good for ten gallons a unit for household use, are good through January 3. Period 2 coupons also are valid and will remain good through February 7; they, too, are worth 10 gallons.

ANTHRACITE COAL - Rationed by the trade, but not through rationing boards.

STOVES - Most common types of coal, wood, gas and oil stoves are obtainable only upon issuance by local ration boards of certification based on proof of need.

BICYCLES - Pupils who need bicycles for travel between home and school are eligible for purchase certificates providing the daily mileage is at least three miles and the bicycle is used at least five days each week. Anyone gainfully employed or doing voluntary work contributing to the war effort or to public welfare, who needs a bicycle on his job or for travel between home and work, can qualify for a purchase certificate upon meeting the same requirements.

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Neil A. Waring said...

I have three of the ration books, pretty interesting stuff. I let my history classes pass one of them around for years and it is still almost as good as the others. They were made of pretty tough stuff.
Not sure everyone appreciates what the old timers went through. Great Post!