08 June 2020

Just Plain US

Not too long ago, an American male died while being taken into custody by a group of law-enforcement officers. The officers have been arrested, charged with murder, and are awaiting as their case makes its way through the judicial system. We do follow the rule of law here in America.
In the meantime, large groups of Americans are peaceably protesting against this instance and other instances of police brutality across the country, in the hope that something beneficial will be done now. Also, in the meantime, other groups of Americans are using the above death as an excuse to destroy and loot property, attack and shoot at protesters, innocent by-standers and law-enforcement officers, in the hope that our American way of life will be replaced by something less free than a democracy.
In the background of all this, a large collection of politicians, ably assisted by the media, have been busy ensuring that their compartmentalization of America continues. You know the labels: White, Black, Latino, Jew, Christian, Muslim, African-American, Italian-American, etc. As long as we allow these labels to exist, we will never be able to come together as who we really are – Americans.