14 January 2014

Hi, How Are Ya?

I met a fella the other day, we hadn't seen each other in a while, 'n we got ta talkin' 'bout how we were 'n it set me ta thinkin' – not my usual manner of spendin' the day, but I do admit, it was some entertainin'. Seems ta me that there's a certain order of preference in answerin' the question “How are ya?” Here's what I worked out, based on actual live conversation:

  1. Ya got ten, fifteen minutes ta spare?
  2. Lousy!
  3. Not too good.
  4. Better than yesterday.
  5. I'm alright, so far.
  6. I'm okay.
  7. Doin' fine.
  8. Wonderful!
  9. Terrific!
  10. Best I felt in years!

So next time someone asks 'n ya don't feel like jawin' 'bout it much, just give 'em yer number. Who knows, it may be the same as there's.

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chloespop said...

Ah guess ahm a 4