31 December 2013


The stitches are out!  Now I'm ready for a new year.  May you all have a happy, healthy 2014!  May all your goals be reached.

30 December 2013

Today, 30 December 2013

I had my 4th shot of Hyalgan in my right knee this morning.  One more to go.  It's supposed to replace the natural lubricant in the knee joint that has disappeared over the years.  Then tomorrow the stitches come out from my back.  Nurse Shirley has been doing a wonderful job of cleaning and bandaging it for me.  I started our monthly job of printing the Villager magazine, then turned over the reins to Shirley while I went to the doctor's, then came back just in time for the last 30 (of 500 total) to be printed.  Lunch next.  And now to relax.

19 December 2013

After and Further After

Here are photos of the site of the melanoma on my back after the biopsy was taken and then after the excision and stitching of the wound.  The melanoma was about the size of a quarter; the redness above the site is an allergic reaction to the tape used on the bandage.

15 December 2013

To Card or Not to Card

The folks in the younger generation are arguing amongst each other whether or not to send Christmas cards to family and friends.  I think if you can’t spare a few minutes to sign a card and a few dollars to send one, then you need to reevaluate your priorities.  Phone calls fade from memory, but a card is a physical reminder that you are special to someone.  That's not to say that phone calls aren't important; they are.