14 January 2015

Time Changing

Back in the days before the use of logic, some well-meaning citizen thought it would be a good idea if there was another hour of sunshine when people got out of work in the winter. So he presented the idea to his Congressman, who immediately thought that everyone should adjust their clocks twice each year in order to gain the extra hour. Dimwit that he was, a requirement for being a Congressman, he never thought of the alternative of allowing everyone to simply start work an hour earlier in the morning, and leaving work an hour earlier in the afternoon. And so a law was passed that required clocks to be adjusted in all states, unless the Legislature of any state voted to opt out, which the Arizona Legislature promptly did; the Indiana Legislature allowed some areas of Indiana to opt out as well. So here we are some years later when the world has made great advances in the application of logic, when one newly-elected legislator in Arizona announced that he would introduce a law requiring Arizona to conform to that ancient edict. Imagine his surprise when he received an avalance of comments opposing his idea, so he promptly back-tracked. So now the question to be asked is: Should we abolish Daylight Saving Time and allow people the opportunity of changing their work hours? What say ye?