26 September 2007

Didja Ever Wonder?

Didja ever wonder why you have trouble getting things done in your computer? Like trying to install an upgrade with those technical-language-rich instructions? Well, my theory is that computers are programmed by computer experts who live in a totally isolated world and speak a totally different language than common English, not by users like you and me.

Didja ever wonder why weather reporters on TV pace back and forth in front of the graphics? And then stop right in front of the graphic you're most interested in? Well, I think they are taught to pace in weather reporting school. Either that or they're nervous and can't make up their minds about which is their better side for the camera.

Didja ever wonder whatever happened to civility? Think maybe the TV show “All In The Family” had anything to do with it?

Didja ever wonder?

21 September 2007

Eating Out

Whenever we go out to eat, Grandma always wishes she could just see what everything on the menu looks like. It would help her to make up her mind. Well, one day long ago in Toronto, she had that opportunity.

We had wandered into a Greek restaurant near our hotel, deciding to risk a different cuisine. Once seated, the waiter asked if we had eaten there before, which we hadn't. He then explained the routine to us: first, one orders drinks, then one walks to the back of the restaurant where the chef shows one the various foods and explains each, one makes a selection, returns to the table and the waiter brings everything as ordered. Needless to say, Grandma was in seventh heaven. And the food was delicious!

Every trip to Toronto since then has had at least one trip to a Greek restaurant.

16 September 2007


After we finished reading the morning paper (about 2-hours), we gave Ginger a bath. (I put up a folding table in the shower, and go at it, then Grandma dries her off. She will get brushed out later in the day.) Then I loaded an old Xerox printer and associated software, cables and cartridges into the Escape and drove down to the Boy Scouts Computer Swap Meet to donate it all. I also took an old, tattered American flag that they said would be disposed of properly. The flag had been flow proudly in front of the house on national holidays, but had become worn from the winds, and I knew that it wasn't proper to just toss it into the trash. When they took the flag out of the car, one of the Scout masters told the boys to make sure it was re-folded properly (I had tried to do that, but it had come unfolded somewhere along the line). We have a newer flag now, so it will go up on display tomorrow for Constitution Day. Grandma has noted on our calendar the days when the flag is to be flown, and we try to make sure ours is out there. It's a small task, but we feel it's important in this day and age to show our patriotic spirit.

15 September 2007

It's Over

It's official! Our monsoon is over! Although we had some good gully-washers here, the official measuring station is at Sky Harbor Airport, which recorded a very low total for the summer, something like an inch (I forget the exact number - a senior moment). Now on to lower humidity and more comfortable temperatures; we should be out of the 100s in a week or so.

10 September 2007

A Beautiful Child

Introducing our newest great-granddaughter, Julianna, and her proud poppa, Jamie.