25 December 2006

December 25th

Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus;
Happy Birthday to You!

24 December 2006

Santa Meets Jacob

Here is a great photo of Jacob Hoffman's first visit with Santa. It isn't known what their conversation covered.

21 December 2006

In The Meantime

Rev. Sheldon Peterson was the Minister at the North Ontario United Methodist Church for many years. He passed away a few years ago. Grandma and I were faithful members, and attended almost every Sunday when we lived in Ontario, and we would try to go there when we visited family and friends in the summers.

One of the last times I saw Shel, I reminded him of my favorite sermon. He was pleased to know.

The sermon was titled "In The Meantime", and dealt with the question of how we were to spend out time on Earth until we met our maker. What will we do in the meantime - between birth and death?

The same question can be asked of any situation. For instance, what will you do in the meantime between signing in at the Doctor's office and when you get to talk with him? What will you do in the meantime while you are standing in line at the check-out counter? What will you do in the meantime while waiting for the traffic light to turn green? What will you do in the meantime while waiting for your child to be toilet trained? What will you do in the meantime while waiting for your daughter/son to come home from their first date? All those little "in the meantimes" add up to a description of our character. I hope the pluses in my ledger outnumber the minuses.

19 December 2006


The Vet said she has arthritis in her hips. He prescribed Rimadyl, which she started today. Hopefully, that will do the trick.

18 December 2006

What, It's December 18th Already?

Where has the time gone? It seems as though I've blinked and it's almost time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Fortunately, Grandma and I have mailed out our cards and sent the gifts (gift cards) to family. And somewhere along the line, I've painted the guest bathroom a nice shade of brown. The new granite countertop has been ordered, but won't be here in time for the holidays. And I've cut a mat for a painting done by a fellow student, who, fortunately, didn't give me a deadline.
Today, Pepper goes to the Vet to have her rear legs checked out. After 10 years, she has a little trouble getting up. She has been favoring her right rear leg. Both legs have been operated on in the past for torn ACLs. Could be from that or possible arthritis. We'll know later.
Ginger continues on Prednisone, and acts like a new dog, walking and running. No more rides in the wagon!
And we have new additions to the family! We're great grandparents again! For photos, go to www.mimimiller.blogspot.com.
December 18th already? Hard to believe.
Merry Christmas to one and all.