19 June 2018

Slimming Down

Not only have we been able to get our weight down - eating less sugary foods - but Shirley and I have been cleaning house.  We took a large load of too-big clothes to the Humane Society store last week.  We've been going through the apartment, looking for things we don't use or don't need anymore.  A lot of the items are donated to our Village Shoppe here at Westminster Village, which doesn't accept clothing, the proceeds of which go to the Westminster Village Foundation.  The Foundation provides grants to Westminster Village, primarily for resident assistance.  There are cases in which a resident may see their resources dwindle and need help with their monthly charges.  The charitable purpose of Westminster Village is that no resident will ever be asked to leave if, through no fault of their own, they run out of money.  So we support the Foundation as best we can.

16 June 2018

Off Again

Well, I'm off Facebook, this time for good.  I'm just tired of the business of them selling my personal information to any company, then saying how they're protecting my privacy.  So much for that.  I'll use the time previously spent for worthwhile projects.  How do you feel about Facebook and the privacy issue?