16 May 2024

Summer is a Comin'

 The Plumeria are in full bloom.  Sandhill Cranes visit occasionally along with a pair of ducks.  The feeders continue to attract Cardinals, Bluejays, Woodpeckers, Sparrows, Doves and Grackle.

Squirrels help clean up the food dropped from the feeders, but they're not able to climb up to get at the source.  A length of stovepipe around the post keeps them off.  Temperature and humidity are beginning to rise to warn us of the coming summer.  We've seen a few of the launches at the space center, watching from the front lawn.  It takes a few minutes from the sight of the launch until the roar reaches us.  Impressive.

08 April 2024

The Feeding Station on Gillmar Avenue


The Feeding Station on Gillmar Avenue


A Cosanti Chime announces the breeze.

As Woodpecker shrieks his way

To the suet.

Is it an invitation to feast

Or warning a solitary repast?

Shy Cardinal flits cautiously,

Startled by any movement,

Ready to shrink into the nearest tree.

Bluejay blathers in,

Elbows flailing,

Finding the choicest morsels.

Meanwhile, Mourning Doves


Pick at scattered seeds

Dropped from the largess above,

Ready to leave

At the unseen, unheard signal

Erupting in a whirr,

To flee

And whirl

And return

Acting fully nonchalant again.

Hummingbird helicopters through,

Ignoring everyone.


                                        Palm Bay, Florida

                                        April 2024

07 April 2024

 Hello from Florida

After 15 years at Westminster Village in Scottsdale, Arizona, I have moved to Palm Bay, Florida to live with my son and daughter-in-law.  Last September, my bride of 46 years died of a cancer on the back of her tongue, a "smoker's cancer" according to her doctors - she never smoked, so figure that out.

After due consideration, the family and I agreed to move closer to family, so here I am, an official Floridian with a Florida ID card to prove it.  So a new chapter begins.