29 June 2014

What's Going on Outside?

This is my latest article as published in The Villager at Westminster Village:

What's Going On Outside?

The appearance of our campus is being transformed. Our Landscaping Department has been busy planting, trimming, weeding, and all the other necessary chores to make this a beautiful place to enjoy the out-of-doors. We have two fish ponds, a cactus garden along the east drive, lots of Lantana and Bougainvillea, beautiful flowers, and everything continues to be trimmed to perfection. Have you noticed the plants by the trash bin at the delivery gate? The new flag? So after all that, what's coming? Hold onto your hats, folks, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

How about a Bocce lawn? Coming. Croquet court? Coming. Pitch and Putt course? Coming. Where? The gravel area west of the Bank door will be transformed into a park-like setting when these new features are added. Included will be an equipment storage locker, drinking fountain and seating area. All this without affecting existing plants. When? We'd like to have them in progress by the end of the year.

The existing Putting Green will soon be extended in size; plans for the relocated holes have already been submitted by a resident committee.

Lantana, trimmed to our special layered look, will continue to be added along all sidewalks and curbs, except where access is required by the Fire Marshall. The front entry flower beds will be replanted with annuals for a layered look. More cacti will be planted along the wall on the east. On the south side, the river rock area near the F-1 door is a candidate for a water feature, details not yet worked out. The south-west corner will become a nursery where we will grow our own cacti, and will be screened by trellises. A dog run will be coming to the west side between the D-1 and E-1 doors, with some grass areas, water and more plants. The northwest river rock area is being considered as a wildflower meadow. Yellow Bells will continue along the north wall to help screen noise and dust from Cactus Road. A sitting area under a new tree is envisioned by Park North. The cactus garden across from the J-1 door will be expanded and a path added. The “rock garden” on the north, between the H-1 and J-1 doors, will be transformed into a mountain stream, with more Pine trees and Juniper bushes added. An edging of plants will separate the grass from the sidewalk by the J-1 door, helping to keep the sidewalk dry. Each area will have shaded seating. Trail and distance markers will be installed as areas are finished, to challenge Residents to get out and walk through the new feature gardens; all will be wheelchair accessible.

Dreaming big? Certainly. Will it all happen? Not without your support, both moral and financial. If there's some project you'd like to see move forward, see Tom Winkelman and he'll be happy to discuss it with you.