14 November 2014

Art Display and Sale

Today, Westminster Village will initiate a new feature: local artist, Gayla R. Bonnell, will showcase 46 of her artwork in our halls. They will be on display until the end of January, and are available for purchase, prices ranging from $400 to $2500. A portion of the proceeds from the artwork sales will directly benefit the Westminster Village Foundation. The intent is to offer artists, resident and non-resident, an opportunity to gain recognition for their talent. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop in and brouse.

07 November 2014

Hello, Again

It's been a while since my last post.  I've been busy writing articles for our newsletter, The Villager.  You can view the current issue at www.wnvaz.com, click on RESIDENTS and go to the newsletter page.
Our 10th great grandchild, Nolan, was born in August and I'm still working on a couple of pieces of art for him.  Shirley crocheted a blanket, which he already has.  I hope the art gets there before he becomes a teen-ager.
We took the bus to Four Peaks Brewing Company yesterday, along with a small group from Westminster Village.  Good beer, good food and good conversation.  Tilted Kilt beer and Fish and Chips.  It's nice to go somewhere, have a glass of beer and not have to worry about the drive home.
Have a good evening.