15 January 2017

Sizing Things Up

I bought a bathrobe, white, made by Izod.  It’s more like a kimono.  The tag says “One size fits most”.  That’s true if most are 5’4” Sumo wrestlers with short, stubby arms.  I’m not, but I make do.  My socks fit shoe sizes from 7 to 10½; my size is 9½, so I’m reasonably sure that my heel and the sock heel come together.  Imagine a fellow with a size 7 – the heel must come up to their ankle; and the person with a 10½ shoe must find himself walking on the sock heel.  Another thing is shirt sizes.  I’m half way between S and M.  I wish they made a Small-and-a-half.  The sleeves might turn out to be just the right length.  Are you a size 35 waist, drowning in size 36 slacks or holding your breath in a 34?  Welcome to the club.  So if you meet me anywhere and I look like I slept in my clothes, blame it on the manufacturers, not my bedtime habits.  After all, my hair is combed.