24 February 2011


We have a "reflecting pool" here and I was looking into the possibility of turning it into a goldfish pond. So I wrote up a plan and gave it to our Director who said we would do that. He also wants to install an aquarium in the wall between the living room and meeting hall so it is visible from both sides. Plus a koi pond outside. Looks like we're going fishing. And the nice thing is that I now have an illuminated keyboard for my computer so I can see which key my finger is aiming at. Should make a difference in my spelling, I hope.


Belle said...

Sounds like some great projects!

Out on the prairie said...

The fish should be fun. I lived in Tucson, going to school at U of AZ.Played a lot up around you, camping a lot in Queen Annes Canyon and beyond. I think Globe or Miami had the best pie.I have moved a bit and laugh when I say I am from where I graduated high school. It has been 40 years since I lived there.Nice to have you along, my stories come from interviews that I expand on.There is a music program for your computer you play along with on the lower two rows of your keyboard called Band in a Box. You can become an owner of 138 instruments including that guitar.