01 February 2011

Some Personal Statistics

It occurred to me this morning that Grandma and I have been living in Scottsdale, Arizona for 21 years, having moved here in February 1990. That’s over 25% of my life, 26.25 to be exact. So I started figuring out the other places by percentile. I lived in Batavia, New York for my first 10 years, which is 12.5% (I’ll be 80 in July, so I’ve assumed the full 80 for these calculations, in case anyone wants to check my arithmetic). College in Stillwater, Oklahoma for 4 years comes to 5%. After Grandma and I were married, we lived in Ontario, New York for 12 years, which calculates to 15%. The rest of my life was in Rochester, New York and suburbs, which accounts for 41.25%. So now when anyone asks where I came from I can safely say Rochester for about 41% of my life. How do your statistics add up?


Neil A. Waring said...

Math gives me a headache. But here goes

Nebraska --61 %
Wyoming --39%

In that time I have lived in 14 different towns/cities. Didn't want to do that many %.

Oh, and soon to be 63 years old.

Jilda said...

just a personal thing, stats 101 drove me over the edge, even for you I am not figuring out the percentage of places I have lived!

chloespop said...

How do you do percentages? I want to find out if there are more people in the summer or at Kodak.

Rick Watson said...

There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who are good with numbers and those who aren't.