07 October 2013

Straining the Brain

I decided to write my memoirs.  Should be easy, right?  So far, I have 6 chapters started, including one titled "Afterthoughts."  The first chapter takes me through the first ten years when we lived in Batavia, NY.  The second deals with the early years in Rochester, NY; the third with more Rochester stuff.  The next two continue on into college.  What I find is that I'm continually going back to "finished" chapters to add a person or event that has just come to mind.  And I find myself jotting down notes as reminders of things while I'm watching TV or reading a book or out walking.  It's surprising to find that my brain is able to dredge up from the depths all those things that haven't been at the surface for decades.  I use photo albums as aids and sometime in the future I'll try to find journals I've kept sporatically.  I wonder if any of the people from my past have thought of writing their memoirs.  Try it, you'll re-learn things about yourself you've forgotten.  Happy memories!

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