21 August 2013

A-Rod and the New York Yankees

Even though nobody has asked me, I’ll tell you anyway what I think about A-Rod and the New York Yankees.  There seems to be a lack of ethical standards in that group.  A-Rod was found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs and was suspended by the baseball league, acting in the best interests of professional baseball.  A-Rod has appealed the suspension, ignoring his guilt on the charges.  The Yankees management has ignored his guilt and continues to play him, when he should not even be sitting on the bench.  What kind of message do those actions send to our youth? 

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chloespop said...

Ethical standards? What are they? Never heard of them. The only standards I know of are the media standards. You know, where they manufacture news to fill air time and to sell newspapers. Like the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco.