07 December 2012

One of "The American People"

Remember back a short while ago when the candidates were talking about what “the American people” wanted?  Well, I’m one and I thought I’d have a go at stating for the record just what it is that I want.


First off, I want the two Senators from each state to share an office.  Regardless of political affiliation, they were elected by the voters of their state to work for the best interests of that state.  In order to do that they should be in the same room working on common problems, not in separate buildings where who knows what the other Senator is up to.  Work in the same room!  No walls separating their desks!  Each able to share with the other!  And look each other in the face!


Next, the two Senators from each state should have desks next to each other on the Senate floor.  No more of this “across the aisle” foolishness!  Work together!


As for the House of Representatives, the same restructuring – all the Representatives from each state in a single room (some will be LARGE as in the case for California) and all sitting together on the House floor.  How can they possibly work on common state goals if they can’t interact with each other?  How can they possibly agree on common state goals if they’re separated by office and building?


Simple solution?  I think so.  Achievable?  Not with the current thinking in Washington.


Rick Watson said...

Excellent suggestions Bob. Why don't you run for office?

Rick Watson said...

Hey Granpappy, Jilda said you guys had a flu epidemic there were you live.
We haven't had the flu (Knock on wood) but I've had a nasty upper respiratory thang going on.
Take care.