04 December 2011


If you go on Google Earth and search around Prague, Oklahoma, to the west, you can find quite a few earthquake records. Look between Prague and Meeker, both sides of highway US 62. The largest I found is 5.7, stronger than I'd like to feel. About 6 or 8 years ago, there was a quake in California that rolled through Arizona. Our house felt as though it was on a small roller coaster, and our dining room light was swaying. Fortunately, there was no damage. But it sure was a strange sensation.


Tony Van Helsing said...

I didn't know there was a Prague in the US. Can't you lot think up your own names for towns?

Granpappy said...

I think many names were brought over to help the immigrants remember where they came from and to honor their past.

chloespop said...

Any earthquakes around Hoyt?