26 July 2011

The Debt "Crisis"

Anyone care to solve the debt "crisis"? My own view is that our politicians aren't willing to apply sound, honest business principles to running our federal government. How many corporations can stay in business by spending more than they earn year after year? At the first sign of declining profits, they would initiate cost-cutting strategies, such as reducing spending and reductions in staff. Think any of our politicians are willing to give up any of their staff or reduce their spending? So how will they reach a compromise? First off, increase income by raising taxes, exempting themselves, of course. Next, announce a "reduction in spending"; translated, that means reducing the rate of planned spending increases. Isn't it time we stopped voting for politicians and elected some businessmen/women to better manage this country's finances? I'm ready.


Belle said...

You are right, people can't stay in business if they spend more than they make. We had a surplus after Clinton, but we borrowed to make war and we lowered taxes at the same time.

We really didn't have to go to the Middle East. We could have said, "We will beef up security here at home so it never happens again. We can't afford a war." They could have sent special forces to do a few things. But war is big business and I'm sure lots of people were glad we had two of them. Who cares if the poor get poorer as long as the rich get richer!

Rick Watson said...

Grandpappy for President! I'm having bumper stickers printed now.

Rick Watson said...

Tell it brother! Why don't you run for office. I'd campaign for you.