11 January 2009

Our New Art Workshop

Thursday was the first session of our new art workshop group. There were about 14 people there, all of whom had painted in years past, most in oils. Because Westminster Village doesn't allow the use of the chemicals needed, oil painting is not allowed, so most of the attendees agreed to try painting with watercolors. Janet, one of the Activities Coordinators, and I tried to give some basic information about the medium, and I was talked into giving a demonstration next week. I've prepared a fairly simple drawing of Poinsettia, one that I used for a Christmas card design in years past. I plan to have one finished painting to display, and then go step by step to demonstrate how easy it is to use watercolors. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!


Ronabear41 said...

Good Luck! I'm sure you'll be a great instructor!

Rick Watson said...

I love watercolor. Jilda dabbles in the medium. She does Christmas cards each year in watercolor.
I think she wants to come out there and take some lessons from you.
We loved Sedona when we came out a few years ago. I wish we had known you then.
Anyhow, good luck with the classes.

chloespop said...

Too bad you can't show the foxglove you sent us a few years ago. It was one of the few things I brought from Rochester to Naples.