15 October 2008

A Promise To Keep

Grandma and I are about recovered from our trip to Rochester, NY for the funeral of Uncle Henry. While at the Memorial Service, I stopped to talk with a cousin, Clarence Carman, Jr. and his wife, Ana. We talked about our great grandmother, Wilhelmina Steinmetz Spies Plock (nee Kell), and the circumstances of the death of her first husband, Wilhelm Steinmetz. Clarence had a theory, from something he heard as a child, that Wilhelm had been murdered by a soldier who was in love with Wilhelmina and wanted her for himself. Somehow or other, the soldier was killed, resulting in Wilhelmina having to quickly leave Germany with her three daughters. Clarence and I had had this conversation before, and last Saturday I promised to do everything I could to find out the truth, and then let him know. Unfortunately, Clarence died on Monday, the 13th. I'm sure he has since learned the truth of the matter, but so far has not been able to reveal it to me. I'll keep on researching the question, though, because I had made a promise.

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Termesl said...

Hello, this is Linda Elsie Wright.

I was googling my uncle's name, Clarence Carman, when I came across your blog.

It seems I should know who you are, but I am not sure...

There's so much I want to know and understand about our family's history.

Sometimes I think that I inherited a sense of longing for Germany through the matriarchal line and that that is how I ended up being the one family member to immigrate back to Germany, where I have lived since 1996.

I would be so grateful for information that you have and wonder if maybe I could be instrumental in finding out more, since I am here. I'm sure that anything you can tell me would be a way of fulfilling that promise to my uncle!

At the moment it is better to write to me at Lindern1103@aol.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!