25 August 2008

More Numerical Biography

I have lived at these places, in approximate order:
43d08'55.84"N, 77d35'50.83"W (has since been demolished) 1953;
43d10'22.56"N, 77d37'48.68"W (approximate location) 1954;
43d06'29.98"N, 77d37'58.47"W 1956;
43d00'43.14"N, 77d37'04.06"W (my father built this one) to 1964;
43d03'20.56"N, 77d35'22.83"W to 1977;
43d06'02.30"N, 77d25'41.68"W to 1978;
43d15'07.50"N, 77d16'40.47"W to 1990;
33d23'29.15"N, 111d38'43.02"W (while waiting for the house to be built in Scottsdale).

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