16 September 2007


After we finished reading the morning paper (about 2-hours), we gave Ginger a bath. (I put up a folding table in the shower, and go at it, then Grandma dries her off. She will get brushed out later in the day.) Then I loaded an old Xerox printer and associated software, cables and cartridges into the Escape and drove down to the Boy Scouts Computer Swap Meet to donate it all. I also took an old, tattered American flag that they said would be disposed of properly. The flag had been flow proudly in front of the house on national holidays, but had become worn from the winds, and I knew that it wasn't proper to just toss it into the trash. When they took the flag out of the car, one of the Scout masters told the boys to make sure it was re-folded properly (I had tried to do that, but it had come unfolded somewhere along the line). We have a newer flag now, so it will go up on display tomorrow for Constitution Day. Grandma has noted on our calendar the days when the flag is to be flown, and we try to make sure ours is out there. It's a small task, but we feel it's important in this day and age to show our patriotic spirit.

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