05 May 2007


Well, yesterday, I painted half the laundry room cabinet doors, plus the framework - two coats. So today, so far, I've put the first coat on the rest of the doors and sprayed the hinges. By tomorrow, everything should be put back together, and my indoor painting jobs will be over. For a long, long time, I hope. Photos will be forthcoming. Don't know when, but they'll be forthcoming.
We have two folding tables which I set up in half of the garage. The Aspire spends the night outside in the fresh air so the Escape is protected from the ravishes of the weather. I spread old sheets over the tables and on the floor to try to contain the mess. Using a spray can on the hinges fills the garage with fumes, so I do that last thing, then open the door a little to let the fumes wander through the neighborhood. The painter we had do the walls and ceilings used Dun Edwards paint, which I'm now convinced is much better than Behr from Home Depot. He had left us a gallon to use on the cabinets ("us" means me).
I'm content to do the painting as long as Grandma keeps cooking up those delicious meals.


chloespop said...

You young guys can handle all that kinda stuff. I even have my lawn mowed now.

Ronabear41 said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!