12 March 2007

Ah, Spring

Spring has sprung; da grass is riz.
I wonder where da boidies is.

Twice in the past week, I've seen a robin in our yard. Probably on its way north, as they don't spend the summers here. And all the frost-damaged trees and shrubs are showing green. We've been eating on the patio at noon since the temperature has been climbing into the high eighties. Good to have it warm this week so we can open the windows and air the house out. The painter has been here all last week, and plans to finish by Wednesday. I'll post some photos of our "new" house as soon as we get it all put back together.

1 comment:

Ronabear41 said...

Send those robins our way! Saw some big flocks of geese today and was very excited! Can't wait to see the pictures!