27 October 2006

Friday, 27 October 2006

It's that time of year when we start out in the morning with the heat on to take the chill out of the house, open the doors mid-morning, then turn on the air conditioning in the evening to make it comfortable for sleeping. Grandma and I ate lunch (our main meal) on the patio, which was a cool 70. I was in the sun and felt hot and Grandma was in the shade wearing a sweater. And we learned that Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend. At least we don't need to change a bunch of clocks here, we just go from California time to New Mexico time.

Everyone at watercolor class this morning was talking about the up-coming "Fine Art Fair", trying to figure out how to display their wares and to get some idea of the prices they should charge. Our instructor said we should start with the cost of the frame and add whatever we felt we had put into the painting. I said my prices would range from $15 to $700, raising a few eyebrows. Well, the largest frame cost big bucks, so why not? I just hope to sell enough to recover the cost of the display panels.

Grandma is busy putting together some necklaces. She has branched out to chain, and is now using gold as well as silver. She does nice work. She complains that it cuts into her time researching genealogy, but she seems to find time for both.

The World Series goes on and on. When I was in college in Oklahoma back in the early 50s, one of the first things we did after checking in for the fall semester was to stop in at the local pub for a beer and to watch the Series. Now it's almost into November. How much longer will it be before the owners decide to make it a year-round season; they sure need the money!


Anonymous said...

It's a balmy 45 with a wind chill of 35 here today. Wind gusts are over 40mph. I sure wish I was still enjoying my deck but May is only 7 months away!

Granpappy said...

Yes, optimists thrive in western New York.
Love to all.