16 April 2006

The Weather Page

The last page in the paper I read is the weather page. First, the sports, then business, Scottsdale section, comics, world and nation, followed by local, and finally, the weather page. That's when I get to see what it's predicted to be like outside for family and friends:
Birmingham - Linda and Roy;
Buffalo - Jeana;
Charlotte - Corrine, Marchelle, Bennie and their families;
Denver - Dave (not yet part of the family);
Hartford - Mitch;
Orlando - closest to Mark, Laura, Stacey, Tommy and Danny;
Rochester - Sally, Bill, Ellie, Chris, Randy, Jake, Kaylee, Jamie R., Sharon, Gail, David, Fred, Uncle Henry, the Barnharts, lots of friends;
San Antonio - Jamie C. and his crew;
Tampa - Jodi and Richard;
Frankfurt am Main, Germany - closest to the Goebels and Wosniks;
Ottawa, Canada - the Barnharts when they're at their cottage;
And last is Phoenix to see what we might be in store for.

(I hope I haven't missed anyone - too many "senior moments" lately.)

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