17 April 2006


Ah, Spring, when Grandma's thoughts turn to gardening. Today, we bought a Rosemary bush and some Zinnia and Snapdragon seeds. Guess who gets to do the gardening. Well, I really don't mind it, it's fun, gets me out of the house and puts dirt under my fingernails.

We have a Rosemary bush in the front yard, but the landscapers, who don't understand basic English like "Don't trim that bush", keep trimming all the good new sprigs. So we finally decided to take the bull by the horns (figuratively!) and plant one out of their reach.

We, the Board of Directors of our homeowners' association, have tried to get the landscapers to not trim the blossoms from the flowering shrubs. We speak in English. I don't know how it translates, but the blossoms keep disappearing. I guess I'll try it in German next.

I had put a sign on one of our bushes that said "Please do not trim this bush" and, sure enough, not only was the bush trimmed, but so was the sign. Someone suggested standing guard with a shotgun, but I don't own one.


Ronabear41 said...

How about standing guard with your trimmer? When they go to trim it, pretend your going to trim their hand?

SHIRLEY said...

I do my part -- I trim the dead blossoms off the geraniums.

A J Whetten said...

I have bought rosemary plants before -- even a small rosemary Christmas tree, but haven't been able to keep them alive! I would love to have one or two outside my small house in Phoenix. Has yours survived? Any suggestions?