05 April 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday, Grandma and I decided that we wanted an orange tree in the yard. The only place with room enough was in a corner where we already had a Yellow Bells and a Butterfly Bush. The Yellow Bells had been hit very hard by frost, so was pretty scraggly, and the Butterfly Bush never seemed to attract Butterflies. So out they came, and off I went to buy an orange tree. Fortunately, Home Depot, which is right around the corner, had a Washington Naval Orange tree. By the time I had the other bushes dug out and the start of a new hole, I decided it was time to rest, which I did. So went our Tuesday farming.

Today, I had a property walkthrough with the other Board members of our community (yes, I'm on the Board), which started out with dark, gloomy, ominous clouds forming. About halfway through, it started to drizzle. About three quarters through it was raining, so we declared DONE and headed for cover. By noon, the skies had cleared, so after lunch, I finished digging and planting.

The new tree is 24" in height, cost almost a dollar per inch, and has at least one blossom per inch of height. Such a bargain! Well, by next February, we should have a bumper crop for zesting and juicing. I can hardly wait!

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