09 April 2006


To A Mockingbird
by Robert H. Miller

Oho, there you are
Perched closest to heaven
Encouraging the sun to wake
With your newly-composed melodies -
“Variations On A Theme By God.”
Such brilliant tempo changes!
Such mind-boggling trills!

Ah, success!
There, comes the sun!

01 June 2005


SHIRLEY said...

What can you say about the mockingbirds when they sing in the middle of the night and wake me up?

Johnnie Watkins Shane said...

Loved the poem. Granpappy, did you attend Dora High School? I found your site listed when I was about to log onto dorahighschool.com

Do you mind telling me who you are? If you like email me at jshane@ec.rr.com

Johnnie Watkins Shane