15 April 2006

The Changing of the Thermostats

Well, here we are at that time of year when we don't know whether or not to turn on the heat or the air conditioner. It seems as though only yesterday we were heating the house. Then, suddenly, the heat would be turned off and the doors opened to let in the nice Spring air, only to turn on the heat for the morning chill. With warmer temperatures, we have been eating on the patio at noon, and turning on the air conditioner in the afternoon when the house temperature rose into the 80s. Now, the air conditioner is on all the time, and the doors are opened for a short time.

Ah, Spring, when a young ( or elderly) man's fancy turns to thoughts of managing temperatures.

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Ronabear41 said...

Ours are staying off the heat more and more each day. Today is chilly though and cloudy. Heat is on.