08 February 2006

Such a Day

Did you ever have a day when not much went right? Yesterday was it for me. It started with a nosebleed before breakfast. Then, I went to Home Depot with a list of 3 things and they didn't have any of the items. When I picked Grandma up at Fry's (Grocery Store), she hadn't been able to find Leeks for a recipe she wanted to try. Next crisis was trying to update Grandma's iPod; it wouldn't accept any music, and displayed the dreaded file folder. While I was trying to restore her files, our Internet connection failed. So I couldn't even read mail! Drat!

At least, we had good meals, and I even tapped a bottle of wine to end the day. By the way, if you're looking for a brand of wine that is free of sulfites, try Frey's, from California. They ship.

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Ronabear41 said...

This is great! And yes, I've had those days too! At least we know another day is coming and always promises to be better.