10 February 2006

Retirement is Tiring

Anyone who thinks retirement is a matter of sitting back and watching grass grow better re-think their plans. For example, today:
Up at 6:30, turn on the coffee. Get dressed, then bring in the paper in time for a first cuppa. By then, Grandma has made her toast and fed the girls (our 2 Corgis) and started in on her sections of the paper. After my first cup, make my breakfast (a bowl of either oatmeal or Grape Nuts), then another cuppa, by which time the paper is read. Then we take care of the girls - Grandma brushes their teeth and I brush their coats. Then to make the bed. Then a shave and shower, pack up my supplies and off to watercolor class until noon. Today we ate light, because we're going out for a BIG dinner to celebrate our 28th Anniversary. Ruth's Chris Steak House! Conpliments of Chris, Randy and family. Thank you very much.
Walk the girls, although Ginger rides in her red wagon more than walks (her Arthritis). Back to get the snail mail, check the bank statement vs. our checkbook (it balances, hooray!), on the computer to check e-mail. By now, it's almost 3:30 and maybe a few minutes to rest before we get ready for the BIG celebration. Oops, better write something for my blog.
And our schedule for the next 8 days is full!
Ah, retirement. No wonder I feel tired.

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Ronabear41 said...

Happy Anniversary!