12 July 2008

Tidy Living

Now that our house is on the market, we've been living a very tidy life. Kitchen counters are uncluttered; our desks are so neat, it's hard to find anything; the floors are cleaned every day; outside litter is cleaned up or blown away. It's a new way of living, and Grandma says we should continue it in our new digs.

One of the surprises was to find how much paperwork of various types we had stored in a four drawer file cabinet. We've been sorting it all out - it only took 18 years to accumulate. Some goes with us, some goes to the new homeowner, and some goes in the trash. We have a large shredder and we've been keeping it busy; so far three large trash bags full have gone out the door.

We had a rain storm Thursday night that left a lot of debris in the front yard. I had hoped the landscapers would come through to clean up, but no. So I did pick up as much of the larger stuff as I could handle. The timing was bad because the landscapers are here on Thursday for the weekly clean-up. The yard looked good for any prospective buyers for a few hours.

Now we're on tenterhooks, waiting for the next agent to call and schedule a visit.

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