24 July 2008

Creepy Crawlers

This morning, I walked into our closet and happened to look up. Ohmygosh! A huge spider was looking down on me. It was about two inches across. Grandma brought a water glass that I used to capture it. And then it went swimming - down the toilet. I have no idea where it came from or how long it had been in the house.

Then as we were getting ready to go out for our walk, there was a HUGE beetle crawling along the garage floor, probably a palo verde beetle. Four inches long! So I swept it into the street and left it to find a more accommodating domicile.

That's enough creepy crawlers to last for the next umpty-ump years.

1 comment:

chloespop said...

We have an alligator in the little lake behind us, but it least it isn't in the house...yet.