11 February 2008

Taxing Our Brains

Grandma and I spent the better part of Saturday working on our taxes. This year, Grandma had everything all listed with supporting documents to make the job easier. Why did it take so, you may ask. It turns out that we were using last years Turbo Tax program and didn't realize it until we were about half way through the forms, having input a lot of information. When we discovered the problem, it took a while to find where I had hidden the new software and to get it installed. (We call that a "senior moment" around here.) Some information was copied automatically, but we had to go back to square one to enter our financial information. So now we're done and the reports have been printed, ready for checks to be written and returns to be mailed.


chloespop said...

I did mine, too. I'm supposed to get $232 back. Too bad I don't know where to send it.


Granpappy said...

You could send the $232 here, but I don't know where to send the tax return.

chloespop said...

I found the address at irs.gov. It's in Atlanta. The 1040A is on the way. (I'm a poet and didn't know it.)