21 February 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Last night was the night of the lunar eclipse and people hereabouts were frustrated to find clouds obscuring the eclipse. Instead, we had a good old fashioned desert thunderstorm roll through the valley. Lightning was flashing, thunder bouncing off the walls and a good downpour to wash the dirt away. Grandma was at a neighbor's house playing Scrabble and called to have me come pick her up because of the storm. (She won 2 out of 3.) It was well after 11:30 before the storm subsided. More on the way tonight, but we're not planning to go anywhere.


chloespop said...

It was a clear night in Naples, so we decided to try to get some pics. As I was setting up the tripod, I cleverly managed to drop the camera. It clattered around on the bricks while I issued some expletives which no doubt shocked the neighbors. In spite of that, the Canon survived. However, of the dozen shots I took only two were marginally good, so it wasn't worth the grief. The eclipse was entertaining, though.

Ronabear41 said...

We were able to see some of it - surprisingly - since it seems like it's been cloudy here for months!