19 August 2013

The Education System

Think the educational system is in trouble?  We started out in Grammar School, where they taught us, among other things, grammar.  If we passed all the strict tests, we finally made it to High School.  After a while, the starting point was Elementary School, where they taught some things, mostly elementary stuff, Watson -  maybe even grammar.  High School was broken up into Middle School and High School.  Why it didn't become Low, Middle and High, I'll never know.  Finally, we have K-12, and it's anybodys guess what's taught there.  Somewhere in that progression of name changes, our federal government decided we needed a Department of Education.  What I'm trying to understand is - what did the millions of dollars we spent for that department do to improve our educational level?  Anybody?

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Neil Waring’s –Western Ramblings said...

I retired last year after 42 years as a classroom teacher. I taught in high schools with less than one hundred kids and high schools with more than a thousand. Government interference and lack of parent involvement have broken many schools. If the parents are actively involved in their child’s schools success seems to follow. This is why small private schools seem to be working, they are not really better, but the parents are, they get involved, volunteer and talk with teachers, student success follows.