22 January 2011

More About Art

I thought I'd try to clarify some things from my last post about art before anyone is turned off from trying watercolor painting. First off, it IS possible to correct some "mistakes." Mistakes in quotes because sometimes they turn out to be better than what the artist wanted. You see, watercolor paints have a life of their own - left to dry, they will do whatever they want, and the end result is usually very pretty. The problem I created for myself was that I became impatient and tried to make a correction before the paper was dry. The result was that I damaged the paper surface so that I couldn't paint over the area without making it worse. Not just once, but twice! So the obvious lesson is to have more patience than I had. I'm trying to remember that for the future.


Belle said...

I have used watercolor pencils. I like them very much. I think they are easier to control than paint, but I don't know if they look as good.

Granpappy said...

Hi Belle,
I've tried them too. You can get nice effects with them by judicious use of water. They allow fine detail. Post some of your work on your Blog for all of to admire.