30 September 2010

My Plea to the Candidates

This is the letter I wrote that was published today in the Arizona Republic:
I, for one, am tired of all the negative campaigning that is going on all around us.
Where has the civility gone? I don't care how much of a villain each candidate claims their opponent is, I want to hear from each candidate just exactly what they stand for, not who they're against. We all know who they're against.
If we believe what they all say, the bottom line of their vitriol is that neither is worth voting for. Please, please, please, give us something positive to consider before we enter the voting booth.

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Charlene said...


These letters appear in my local paper too, along with letters that emanate contention in barely controlled hate.

I hear that the reason negative ads are broadcast is because they work. When they don't work, they will vanish. That is up to us.