13 August 2010

Art Stories - 2

After moving to Arizona, I took lessons in ceramics and spent many happy hours decorating ceramic pieces for the family. One piece was entered in a ceramics show and won first place. The cost of shipping the pieces to the east coast became prohibitive, so I switched to some art classes sponsored by the City of Scottsdale. I puttered around with pencil and watercolor, looking for a comfortable medium. One day the instructor brought in some photos she had taken on a trip to Hawaii and one struck me. So I pulled out some magic markers and a small piece of watercolor paper and started scribbling. This was the result.


Life 101 said...

Wow! That's amazing.
Hope all is well with you. I bought a new (old) camera so I'm hoping to take even more photos.
I picked up another writing gig at a newspaper in town and I knew I needed a decent camera for newspaper work.
Take care.

Jilda said...

Beautiful art work! Please tell Shirley that I said Happy Birthday and I that wish her many more!