08 April 2009

Change, For Sure!

There were many campaign speeches with lots of fluff and little substance - much ado about “change” was all. Now the “American People” have voted for a new administration with hopes that the new kids on the block can fulfill the promises made during all the campaign rhetoric. And what “change” have we seen so far? The administration is about this far from nationalizing the automotive industry and almost complete on nationalizing the banks. A new Secretary of the Treasury has been approved by Congress despite admitting to cheating on his taxes. Our new President has told North Korea not to do it again (launch a missile) or else we’ll have to talk about it some more at the United Nations; you can just feel the anxiety in North Korea over that threat. And he has told the world, including our enemies the Taliban, that we’re pulling out of Iraq, which gives them a time-line for preparing to take over the country.
I can hardly wait to see what shape this administration is going to leave for our children and grandchildren to pay for.

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Ronabear41 said...

Nicely said!