22 August 2008

A New Type of Biography

Rick Watson and I were exchanging GPS coordinates of places we live/lived in, and it got me to thinking. Our whole lives could be described by a series of GPS coordinates of the places we've lived and visited. For example:
I lived here until age 10: 48 degrees 00'07.21"N, 78 degrees 10'32.49"W;
I next lived here: 43 degrees 08'11.17"N, 77 degrees 35'44.79"W;
Next home was: 43 degrees 08'10.86"N, 77 degrees 35'42.61"W;
Next move was to: 43 degrees 08'12.38"N, 77 degrees 35'45.82"W;
School grades 6 & 7 was: 43 degrees 08'12.30"N, 77 degrees 36'01.65"W (The school has been converted into condominiums.);
School grades 8 through 12 was: 43 degrees 08'48.86"N, 77 degrees 35'53.79"W;
First semester college was: 42 degrees 43'55.14"N, 84 degrees 28'55.88"W. (The actual quonset village we were housed in has long ago been demolished.)

Get the picture?


Ronabear41 said...

Wow, my head is spinning with all those numbers - LOL

chloespop said...

Which one is Swillburg?

Life 101 said...

I love Google Earth. Are you getting acclimated to the new diggs? I'd love to see some photos when you get a chance.