06 May 2007

Old Poem Found

Whoopeeeee! Thanks to Google, I've found the poem I've been looking for as I noted on March 22, 2006. I had some of the words wrong, that was the problem. The Poem was written by John G. Neihardt and published in the early 1910s. Here it is:


When I am dead and nervous hands have thrust
My body downward into careless dust;
I think the grave cannot suffice to hold
My spirit 'prisoned in the sunless mold!
Some subtle memory of you shall be
A resurrection of the life of me.
Yea, I shall be, because I love you so,
The speechless spirit of all things that grow.
You shall not touch a flower but it shall be
Like a caress upon the cheek of me.
I shall be patient in the common grass,
That I may feel your foot fall when you pass.
I shall be kind as rain and pure as dew,
A loving spirit 'round the life of you.
When your soft cheeks by perfumed winds
are fanned,
'Twill be my kiss ~ and you will understand.
But when some sultry, storm bleared sun has set,
I will be lightning if you dare forget.

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Ronabear41 said...

Nice poem. Cross that one off your list!