27 February 2007

Being a Director

Shortly after we moved here, I was asked to become a Director of our homeowner's association, which I did. At that time, the homeowners had just taken over responsibility from the builder. I have served on the Board of Directors almost all of the years since. Recently, I checked on the past rosters to see how many people have been Directors. We are a community of 72 homes, of which 10 current residents have served. Some homeowners have lived here longer than I, but have refused to get involved except to complain about everything from the water temperature in the spa and pool to not enough gravel in their yard to their tree didn't get trimmed. It's amazing to see how petty some people can become.

Well, they'll have to get along without me to beat up on. Tomorrow is my last day as Director, as I have turned in my resignation. Yep, I'm done! For good! I've climbed out of the barrel. And I'm willing to bet that none of the complainers will volunteer to take my place.

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chloespop said...

Did you ever get any complaints about snow removal?