09 June 2006


These are the Blogs I look at every day:
Shirley's Blog (my wife) at http://corgimom818.blogspot.com;
Mimi's Blog (my daughter-in-law) at http://mimimiller.blogspot.com
Life 101 (very well written and interesting) at http://dorahighschoolalumni.blogspot.com;
The Genealogue (a good sense of humor) at http://genelaogue.blogspot.com;
Full Clear Light (also very well written) at http://fullclearlight.blogspot.com.

What are your favorites?

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Ronabear41 said...

I look at yours and Shirley's blogs everyday and also Taylor's (taytayryan.blogspot.com) although she hasn't updated since Easter.

I also look at Corine's (corineryan.blogspot.com) and Moriah's (Corine's friend who takes all the pictures) moriahedmondson.blogspot.com