02 March 2006

It's a really, really, really, really dry heat.

We set a new record every day - today is the 135th day without rain here in the ARID southwest. A few places to the west did get a few drops a couple of days ago, but most of it evaporated before it hit the rain gauges and the ground. The day of the almost storm, the humidity shot up to 45%, but it's back down in the low teens by now.

Grandma and I ate lunch on the patio for the first time this year. Hamburg on homemade roll and sweet potato steak fries, with a demonstration of precision flying by a new group of hummingbirds. We have 4 feeders, and lately, they need to be filled every other day.

This morning, we went with one of our neighbors to Westminster Village, one of the retirement communities we are interested in. They had some nibbles, coffee and orange juice for us while they told us about some of the programs they have each month for the residents. I like this place best of all the ones we've visited to date, but we won't be ready for at least another 5 years.

All of our lemons have been picked, zested and juiced. We had 8 or 9 dozen this year. The tree has new buds forming already! What a beautiful sweet smell.

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Ronabear41 said...

That sounds really nice. Eating outside watching humming birds. Can't wait to be able to do that.